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Welcome to our family of National Alliance for Mental Illness – NAMI Prince William!Our group works to be a wealth of information to you the consumer, the family member, the friends and relatives of those dealing with day-to-day issues of living with a mental illness.

2018 Board of Directors


President, Marjorie Antus
Marjorie Antus, PresidentMajorie became active in NAMI Prince William in 2014 and has served as affiliate president since April 2016. She has taught on both the high school and graduate school levels and written about mental health and suicide in her blog Marysshortcut and her book My Daughter, Her Suicide, and God: A Memoir of Hope.  “The most rewarding thing about serving as president of the affiliate is witnessing its growth as a community of true friendship and service. My goal is to nurture that growth in the coming years.”



Vice-President, Sonja Flood
For the past fifteen years, Sonja has worked at Novant Health in Manassas as a clinical social worker serving those who live with mental illness and their families. She has also worked with domestic violence, substance abuse, inpatient behavioral health and trauma-related groups. “I have a passion for decreasing the stigma surrounding mental health issues and for supporting mental health education. I have always wanted to help empower those who are in need to focus on their wellness.” Sonja lives in Oak Hill with her husband and twin four-year-olds.



Treasurer, Samuel L. Higginbottom (S.L.) 

S.L. is a recently retired federal lawyer who has served on the board of Koinonia, an organization that addresses the needs of the working poor in Franconia. He moved to the area forty-two years ago where he met his wife, Cynthia. They have seven adult children, several of whom have suffered from mental illness. “I have been looking for a way to give my time to the community. When I was asked to consider serving on the board of NAMI Prince William, I realized, after prayer, that this would be a good way to serve.”



Secretary, Carol Ray 
Carol holds a doctorate in Interdisciplinary Nutrition and has served both as executive director of an agency dealing with health issues and also as a university project coordinator for physician conferences. She has taught college-level anatomy, biology, and physiology. Her recent book Ph.D.’s Have Bipolar Too: My Story speaks to her personal mental health challenges and advocacy. “I understand what it is like to cope with mental illness and feel that I can be sensitive to the needs of those who live with mental illness.” Carol lives in Gainesville.



John Antus
John has served the Manassas area since 1974 as a general internist with many opportunities to diagnose, treat, and refer patients with mental illness. “Through my wife, Marjorie, and her involvement in NAMI, I have become interested in contributing to NAMI and its causes on behalf of the mentally ill and their families. As a parent of two children with serious mental illness, I can appreciate the effortsNAMI makes on both a local and national level.” John lives in Manassas with Marjorie and their son John Paul.

Pauline Hunter
Having worked for the federal government for many years, Pauline has a large network of friends and former colleagues to call upon. She envisions using her skills as family services coordinator, community relations director, and event planner to expand NAMI Prince William’s footprint within the African American, faith-based communities and service organizations. “Reaching a broader community will help a population that may not be represented within the current NAMI outreach programs.”

Pat Victorson
Pat became a member of NAMI-PW in 2009 after attending a Family-to-Family Education class and serves as affiliate secretary / treasurer. She coordinates Family Support Groups, facilitates Family -to-Family classes, and makes regular NAMI presentations in the community. A retired preschool teacher, Pat advocates for children and those living with mental illness and their families on local, state, and national levels. Notably, she has participated in the Prince William County Jail Diversion Project (DIVERT). Pat lives with her husband, Mark, in Lake Ridge.


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